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Bitchin’ Hoodie Soft Pink


Imagine strolling along the beachfront, radiating confidence and enjoying the atmosphere of Mykonos.

This hoodie becomes a symbol of liberation and adventure. It invites you to break free from societal expectations and live life on your own terms. Whether you’re lounging by the seaside or exploring the vibrant streets, this hoodie becomes a fashionable companion that effortlessly merges comfort and style.

Adorned with the bold statement “Bitchin'” made of a chenille garment patch, this hoodie adds a touch of texture and luxury to your look. The raised, velvety chenille material enhances the visual impact of the design, creating a captivating contrast against the soft pink backdrop.

Our Soft Pink Hoodie is a powerful reminder to embrace your inner strength and radiate confidence wherever you go. Its soft pink hue adds a touch of femininity, while the bold lettering ensures you make a statement.

  • Oversized fit

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